Sonic Wings 2Edit


The A-10 in Sonic Wings 2.

A-10 Thunderbolt 2
"Heavy armed but inferior in dodge speed."
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

The A-10 Thunderbolt 2 is wonderfully powerful, able to take out enemies quickly even when the Gatling gun isn't fully powered. Its speed is not as much of an impediment as the manual makes it out to be; however, the craft's real flaw is the small coverage area of its aptly named Pinpoint Bomb.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings Limited/Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit


The A-10 in Sonic Wings Special.

As in Sonic Wings 2, the A-10 is again quite powerful. It's strong without any power-ups, and with them it gains guided missiles that can take out a wide area of enemies. Its bomb is much better than in SW2, for it now has a devastating effect on a much greater coverage area.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


The A-10 in Sonic Wings Assault.

Defense: Chaff

"The A-10a Thunderbolt II is a flying tank. This fighter jet is relatively slow and not too versatile, but makes up for these faults with thick plates of protective armor."
-the Aerofighters Assault English game manual

Glenda's A-10a is strong, as its manual description implies, but this time its speed is a problem: it is hard to steer and turn quickly. The player may become frustrated with the Thunderbolt's slow handling compared to that of some of the other craft in the game.