Rabio LepusEdit


Rabio and Lepus in Rabio Lepus.

Rabio and Lepus themselves are the "aircraft" in Rabio Lepus. Like the vehicles appearing later in Sonic Wings, Rabio and Lepus have an endless supply of regular ammunition but a limited number of bombs, although more can be attained through power-ups. Some special bombs are also available. When Rabio and Lepus get close enough to an enemy, they will automatically punch it rather than fire a weapon. Rabio and Lepus can walk as well as fly; they automatically switch to walk mode when they touch the ground and fly mode when they lift off.

Sonic WingsEdit

In the original Sonic Wings, the Aka Usagi (Japanese for "red rabbit") are rabbit-shaped craft.  The Aka Usagi are larger than Rabio and Lepus, as the Aka Usagi are similar in size to the other fighter planes in the game, while Rabio and Lepus are the same height as Kotomi. The Aka Usagi are fairly powerful, especially when fortified by power-ups. Especially handy features of their artillery are small green lights which float around their planes at full power; these lights attack enemies and can destroy some of the smaller ones. The special weapon sends a series of rabbit-shaped bombs at the enemy, as well as protects the plane in a force field.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The Aka Usagi in Sonic Wings 3.

Also called the Usagi-1, the Aka Usagi (which is always red, unlike in earlier games) is fairly strong even without power-ups. After just one power-up, it adds enemy-seeking bombs to its normal artillery. Its special weapon functions the same way as the tanuki power-up in Rabio Lepus, making the craft temporarily invulnerable and doing damage to anything it touches.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Aka Usagi in Sonic Wings Special.

The Aka Usagi functions as it does in SW3.

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