Alex only appears as a playable character in Sonic Wings 3, although he has cameos in later games. He is a young boy from England who has taken his father's airplane. Alex flies with his cat, Pictus. Alex is blond with blue eyes, and he wears a school uniform with white shirt, blue tie, and short pants. Alex is brave, but his father is very strict with him.

Developers at Video System expected Alex to be a popular character (especially with fans of shotacon), but he was not. They speculate this is perhaps because he is too serious.[1]



Daisaku Kusama from Giant Robo.

Alex was based on the character Daisaku Kusama from the manga, live action, and anime series Giant Robo.  Daisaku is also a twelve year old boy who wears a school uniform; however, he pilots the titular Giant Robo instead of an airplane. Like Daisaku's deceased father, Alex's dad (who, unlike Daisaku's, is still alive) says that, "People cannot understand happiness without sorrow." Alex takes his airplane to find out if that's true![1]

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Alex in Sonic Wings 3.

Alex spends most of his time talking to Pictus and trying to keep him from eating strange fish. After the final boss battle, Alex crashes his plane, declaring it to be a sacrifice for happiness... until his father shows up and reveals that it was his best plane, which Alex took without asking. Despite the boy's protests that he acted in the interests of world peace, his father declares that he will receive the punishment of having no food for two days!

In two-player mode, Alex is paired with Ellen and Cincia. He and Cincia tend to bicker, and Cincia thinks he's childish and "fresh." Humorously, Cincia offers Pictus some squid after the pilots defeat Daio Ika; the others urge Pictus to reject it. After they defeat the final boss, Ellen is shown at her wedding; the guests include William Sid Pride, Arthur, and Mao Mao. Cincia serves as flower girl, and Lord River-n-White appears as the priest. When they reach the altar, Ellen finds her groom to be none other than Pictus with a human body! Fortunately, she wakes up to find out that it was only a dream.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Alex in Sonic Wings Special.

If the player defeats Pandora or Gurabura with Lord River-n-White in single-player mode, River-n-White is shown relating his adventure to Alex and Pictus. Alex complains that he's heard the story many times before.

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