Sonic WingsEdit

Stage: England

The Avro Bomber is an unmanned craft which attacks by shooting fireballs at the player while other, smaller craft attack as well. The bomber shown in Sonic Wings is specifically an Avro Vulcan. In the "cast" shown during Mao Mao and Hien's two-player ending, the plane is called the "Avro Bomber." However, in the Japanese SNES manual, it is called the "Vulcan Bomber." The US SNES manual refers to the craft as the "Buckingham Bomber."

Sonic Wings Special Edit

The Avro Bomber appears again in Sonic Wing Special. It behaves the same way as the original sonic wings did.

Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit

Stage: Dover

The Avro Bomber returns late in the Sonic Wings series as the boss of the Dover, England, stage. It again attacks by shooting fireballs backwards at the player's plane.