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Stage: Bermuda Triangle

This marble-like entity is referred to as "Balbi" and "Varbi" (both valid romanizations of the katakana バルビ) in the data for Sonic Wings Special. It is the final boss if the player chooses the Bermuda Triangle route. Balbi might be based on a crystal sphere allegedly discovered in 1968 by Ray Brown within a pyramid-like structure near the Bahamas.[1] Although the crystal pyramid has been proven a hoax,[2] photos purported to be of the sphere show a clear crystal ball about the size of a tennis ball. It contains fractures which supposedly produce images of pyramids and a human eye within the crystal.

Balbi hovers above an undersea column, spinning and detaching smaller spheres to attack. The first spheres are about the size of the player's plane and are easily deflected by artillery fire. After taking some damage, the column breaks off, and the large sphere sends out much smaller spheres which surround the player's plane and are actually more dangerous than the larger ones.

If the sphere is not defeated, the player receives a textless ending in which an Inufuku wanders across the screen.

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Balbi is the final boss of the Android port of Special and behaves as it does in the original game.

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