Keith is a wise-cracking, experienced flyer. He always wears sunglasses and usually has a cigarette in his mouth; he dresses in a green military uniform and wears a helmet.

Keith loves family-- a wife and one young son-- and baseball. After battling in Sonic Wings, he retired from fighting and became an instructor for Project Blue.[1]

Sonic WingsEdit


Keith in Sonic Wings

In single-player mode, Keith survives the mission intact, unlike the less fortunate Blaster Keaton, who is badly injured. Keith is shown reunited with his wife and son, along with the reminder that there are "other battles to be fought."

In two-player mode, Keith is partnered with Keaton. Keith takes his missions much less seriously than Keaton does, often complaining about having to fight under extreme conditions. After the final boss battle, Keith crashes into the aircraft carrier upon which he and Keaton were meant to land, sinking it.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Keith in Sonic Wings 2

Keith has a single cameo during the end sequence in two-player mode using Cincia and Ellen with Angela. Keith serves as their drill instructor, telling the "girls" to run 10,000 meters.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Keith in Sonic Wings Special

Keith appears if the player defeats Lar or Do-ni Revision using Whity and Lord River-n-White. Whity turns out to be Keith in a dolphin costume.

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