Camille is the wife of Captain Waffle and the mother of his daughter. Camille has shoulder-length brown hair with bangs and blue eyes.

Spinal BreakersEdit

Camille stays behind on the space station with her and Waffle's daughter while Waffle fights the Hildroid on Earth. She keeps in touch with Waffle via computer communication and relays information on the Hildroid to him.

In one of the game's bad endings, the Hildroid apparently infiltrate the space station and possess Camille and her daughter. When Waffle discovers this, two gun shots are heard followed by a third after the game's credits, suggesting that he killed his family, then himself. In the other bad ending, Waffle returns to the space station, and Camille is safe. However, Waffle himself is possessed by the Hildroid.

In the game's good ending, Waffle reunites with his family, and the three are shown happy together. The Earth returns to its pre-Hildroid state, and the family lives on in peace.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Camille in Sonic Wings Special.

If the player defeats Pandora with The Man in single-player mode, Camille is shown talking to Waffle and sending him on to ancient Rome for his next battle. Waffle calls her by the nickname of "honey."

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