Although the name "Fata Morgana" is not used until Sonic Wings Special, this alien enemy organization is behind all of the major attacks throughout the Sonic Wings series. It combines forces with the Hildroid to attack the Earth in Sonic Wings 3.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit

In the manual for Special, the enemy is referred to as both the "Organization" and as "Fata Morgana." A Fata Morgana is a mirage, particularly one of multiple large objects such as cliffs. The name refers to the mythical Morgan le Fay (Morgan the fairy), King Arthur's sister, as the mirage could resemble Morgan's legendary fairy castle. [1] The connection between Sonic Wings and the Fata Morgana phenomenon is apparent when one considers that mirages are responsible for some UFO sightings when lights or celestial objects are reflected by a Fata Morgana. [2] Since Sonic Wings' final bosses are aliens, the name is quite appropriate.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit

Fata Morgana is described as a terrorist organization determined to conquer the world by flooding its major cities. The US manual states that "[o]ver the years, Project Blue's elite team of Aerofighters have faced Phutta Morgana [sic] on numerous occasions."

"Phutta Morgana," the organization's name in the US version of the game, is mistranslated from ファタ·モリガナ, the Japanese katakana for "Fata Morgana."


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