Turbo ForceEdit


The Diabloon in Turbo Force.

The Diabloon, which is not actually named in Turbo Force, is a Lamborghini Diablo equipped with rocket parts; player one's Diabloon is red, while player two's is blue and player three's is green. As with the planes in the Sonic Wings series, the Diabloon starts out with weak attacks then gains strength with power-ups. However, it slowly loses power as its ammunition is used; if the player does not continue to pick up power-ups, the Diabloon will eventually revert to its lowest power level.

The Diabloon's bomb cannot be detonated at the player's discretion; instead, it activates immediately when the Diabloon touches the bomb power-up. There are two possible bombs: one sends an assault of missiles across the screen (Covering Fire), and the other makes the Diabloon temporarily invincible (Barrier). However, once the invincibility wears off, the Diabloon is unable to shoot any more ammunition, making it pretty much useless.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The Diabloon in Sonic Wings 3.

The Diabloon makes its first Sonic Wings appearance as the aircraft of the hidden character "The Man" (Captain Waffle in one-player mode or Gore in two-player mode). Unfortunately, the Diabloon is not especially strong as power-ups have the same temporary effects as in Turbo Force. Its bomb randomly replicates the bomb power-ups of Turbo Force, although the Diabloon is able to fire again after its invincibility wears off.

Sonic Wings Special Edit


The Diabloon in Sonic Wings Special.

The Diabloon behaves as it does in Sonic Wings 3.

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