Sonic WingsEdit


The F-15 in Sonic Wings.

The F-15 Eagle does not have particularly strong artillery in the Gull Laser. It is best suited for two-player mode fighting, for its E-Wave will freeze all enemy movement for a few seconds but does no physical damage.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


The F-15 in Sonic Wings 2.

Fighter F-15 J Eagle
"A super charged fighter in the Air Force. The fastest of all."
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

The F-15's artillery has improved quite a bit in the two years since Sonic Wings; it is now powerful on its highest level. Its "time-stopping" bomb is for the most part the same, and while it does do a little damage, it is again most beneficial in two-player mode.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings Limited/Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit


The F-15 is not especially powerful at first, but it becomes much stronger on full-power. It still has the "time-stopping" bomb which freezes the enemy but only does a little damage.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


The F-15 in Sonic Wings Assault.

Defense: Jamming

In Assault, Mao Mao flies an F-15J Eagle. It is one of the faster planes in the game with most abilities borrowed from the other pilots' planes.