Sonic WingsEdit


The FSX in Sonic Wings.

The FSX-- which in real life was never produced-- is one of the most powerful planes in the game. Even without any power-ups, its Ninja Missile is strong; on full power, it is devastating to the enemy. The Ninja Beam fires a wide beam of energy from the plane capable of immediately destroying smaller enemies.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


The FSX in Sonic Wings 2.

FS-X Special Version
"The ferocious fighter has been rebuilt by a famous Katana-craft master. Loaded with guided missiles."
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

As before, the FSX is quite powerful in Sonic Wings 2. Its bomb is again the Ninja Beam, which functions as it did in Sonic Wings and is a formidable weapon.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings Limited/Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit


The FSX in Sonic Wings Special.

The FSX retains its excellent weapons from previous games; when powered up, in addition to its normal artillery, it launches guided missiles that automatically attack the enemy. It once more features the powerful Ninja Beam as its bomb.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


The FSX in Sonic Wings Assault.

Defense: Makibishi

"The FS-X is perfect for top gun pilots. It banks quickly and performs fast barrel rolls, keeping the best pilots on their toes. Because of its squirrelly attributes, it's a hard jet to control, but a good choice for dog fighting."
-from the Aerofighters Assault English game manual

In Assault, the FSX is again an extremely powerful plane, especially its Stars missile. It's especially useful when the player needs to eliminate a lot of smaller enemies quickly.