Although he only appears in one Sonic Wings game, Fire Master is the only Video System enemy to be featured in four different game series. His physical appearance differs from game to game, but his mannerisms and method of attack are always the same. Fire Master approaches the player floating cross-legged, usually on a rock; he is accompanied by objects floating around him, which also differ depending on the game. He most often attacks by throwing flames, as well as with his floating objects.

Fire Master appears to be human, or at least humanoid. However, he is presumably a Hildroid like the other bosses in Spinal Breakers, and in Sonic Wings 3, he is a clone created by Mars-Vesta. Fire Master always wears some kind of robes and turban. Though he never interacts with the player beyond to attack, he seems to be a serene, meditative character. His loyalty apparently does not lie with any one organization as he fights for several different factions.

Rabio LepusEdit


Fire Master in Rabio Lepus.

Stage: Stage 7 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 6 in Rabio Lepus Special

Fire Master first appeared in Rabio Lepus, where he attacks by shooting flames, true to his name. He sits on a floating rock while other flames hover around him. He is a stage boss in Rabio Lepus, and he also reappears with the other bosses near the end of the game. In Rabio Lepus Special, though, he is only seen at the last stage when the other bosses reappear. In Special's manual, Fire Master is shown wearing a mask which is not clearly evident in the games. He also wears white or light-colored robes and has greyish skin with red eyes.

Spinal BreakersEdit


Fire Master in Spinal Breakers.

Stage: China

Fire Master fights with the Hildroid in Spinal Breakers, his second appearance. He again floats cross-legged in the air, without a rock this time; he is circled by flames which he can throw at the player. He wears a white robe and some type of head piece, possibly another turban. His skin is now brown rather than grey, and his eyes are again red. Fire Master is apparently a Hildroid himself rather than a human, at least in this game.

Turbo ForceEdit


Fire Master in Turbo Force.

Stage: Stage 5

Fire Master returns as the boss of Turbo Force's fifth stage, which ironically takes place in a snowy setting. He is seated on an icy rock in a position of meditation, and he attacks with rocks that rotate around him. However, he also uses icicles to attack rather than fireballs. His appearance is quite different from previous games, as he wears much more elaborate robes: they are a rich red with golden trim and a matching red turban. Fire Master's skin is now blue.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Fire Master in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Southeast Asian Ruins

Fire Master's fourth appearance-- and the only time he is seen in Sonic Wings-- occurs near the beginning of this stage. He is again seated on his rock, but this time, he holds a crystal ball. Four Hindu heads now circle him instead of rocks; they are accompanied by blue flames with which he attacks the player.

Fire Master does not have to be defeated before the player proceeds into the level; in fact, it is difficult to destroy him because he remains in the area for only a brief time. If the player does not defeat him in time, Fire Master will retreat deeper into the level, not to be seen again. However, if Fire Master is defeated, his turban explodes, and he is revealed to be Mars-Vesta, the stage's shape-shifting final boss. Mars-Vesta will then disappear only to turn up at the end of the stage for the boss battle.

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