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Flint is Captain Silver's female parrot. The game manual states that Flint originally belonged to Randy, the fallen comrade whose death Silver is avenging. Silver often refers to Flint as his only friend.

Flint's name, like Silver's, is a reference to Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. In the novel, Long John Silver's female parrot was also named Captain Flint, after Silver's former pirate captain.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Flint in Sonic Wings 3.

Flint appears in the game's ending in two-player mode if the players choose Whity and Chaika and Pooshika. After the final boss battle, Chaika and Pooshika spy on Whity, trying to figure out how he can fly a plane. To their amazement, he takes off his head, revealing himself to be Captain Silver and Flint in a dolphin costume! But when the girls ask, "Really?" the game declares, "Well, no, not exactly" along with the images of two Martians. This enigmatic ending is never explained

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings Limited/Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit


Flint in Sonic Wings Special.

Flint reprises her role as Silver's companion, appearing with him throughout the game and in his various endings. In the ending in which Silver is reunited with Randy, Flint is shown flying to her former master.

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