Gill is an American fighter who, along with Glen, first appeared in the Video System game Karate Blazers. Both returned in Sonic Wings 3 as part of the Blazers, along with the new character Glenda.

Gill is Caucasian with shaggy blond hair and green eyes. He always wears a headband-- green in Karate Blazers and red in Sonic Wings. Gill dresses in a red sleeveless vest over a white shirt, and he wears a necklace in Sonic Wings. He is less muscular than Glen, with a more slender figure.

Karate BlazersEdit


Gill in Karate Blazers.

The mysterious fighter
What's justice to him
-Karate Blazers

Gill is rather more serious here in his first appearance than he seems in later games. His powerful special attack consists of him cartwheeling in a ring of energy.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Gill in Sonic Wings 3.

A character from the beat 'em up game "Karate Blazers," he is a 23-year-old white man. Because the daughter of his fighting master, a former mercenary, was kidnapped by the mystery organization, he must go to the rescue. He has the lightest skin of the three Blazers. Whether he's being 'cheerful' or he's being 'frivolous,' public opinion is that he is purely upright.
-Sonic Wings 3 Strategy Guide

Glen and Gill are searching for the kidnapped daughter of their fighting master, along with certain documents which were stolen at the same time. They have apparently rented the P-61 the team flies; Glenda is the plane's owner and seems to be the one navigating and flying it.

The guys claim that the stolen documents contain a homing device, and they relay its signals to Glenda in order for her to guide the plane. Nevertheless, they fail to find the missing girl; in their single-player ending, they question a soldier of the organization they've defeated (presumably Fata Morgana or the Hildroid). . . only to find out that they were pursuing the wrong evil organization all along. They don't seem to mind, though.

The Blazers fight with Mecha-Keaton in two-player mode. They seem surprised at his appearance and aren't sure who he is at first. Keaton likes to boast that as a robot, he doesn't show the Blazers' human weaknesses; however, the trio doesn't seem to envy his situation. After the final boss battle, Keaton's plane blows up, but he manages to escape by ejecting his head. The Blazers rescue him, but then their plane explodes too.

Despite his stern appearance in Karate Blazers, Gill is a bit of an airhead in Sonic Wings 3; he asks questions like "Who's that woman behind us?" and seems to take orders from Glen. However, it is he who questions the soldier about the daughter's location at the end of the game in single-player mode, stressing his dedication to his cause. In the game's credits, Gill is shown executing his special attack from Karate Blazers.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Gill in Sonic Wings Special

Glen and Gill appear if the player defeats Lar or Do-ni Revision using Angela in single-player mode. Glen and Gill witness Angela's plane crashing; then Angela's clothes fall off to reveal that she's wearing a corset. The humiliated Angela beats up Glen and Gill for "peeking."

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