Although the other Blazers Glen and Gill first appeared in Karate Blazers, Glenda makes her first appearance in Sonic Wings 3. She is usually calm and composed, and she seems highly intelligent. Glenda is of mixed race with light brown skin, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. She wears green overalls with no shirt in Sonic Wings 3, a black shirt and vest in Special and Limited, and a white shirt with an orange vest shirt in Assault.

Glenda is named for the good witch in The Wizard of Oz.[1]

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Glenda in Sonic Wings 3.

She is a new character, half black and half white of unknown age. The rumor is that she is 30 years old. A mature woman with an air of composure, she now participates in the role of pilot. One aspect is clear after this occasion, that Glenda always stands behind the others in order to notice more.
-Sonic Wings 3 Strategy Guide

Glen and Gill are searching for the kidnapped daughter of their fighting master, along with certain documents which were stolen at the same time. They apparently just climbed on board Glenda's P-61, and she decides to go to battle with them without having any personal reason to fight.[1] Glenda speaks little but does show some wry humor in dealing with the not-overly-bright men on her team.

The guys claim that the stolen documents contain a homing device, and they relay its signals to Glenda in order for her to guide the plane. Nevertheless, they fail to find the missing girl; in their single-player ending, they question a soldier of the organization they've defeated (presumably Fata Morgana or the Hildroid). . . only to find out that they were pursuing the wrong evil organization all along. They don't seem to mind, though.

The Blazers fight with Mecha-Keaton in two-player mode. They seem surprised at his appearance and aren't sure who he is at first, suggesting that they aren't actually members of Project Blue. Keaton likes to boast that as a robot, he doesn't show the Blazers' human weaknesses; however, the trio don't seem to envy his situation. After the final boss battle, Keaton's plane blows up, but he manages to escape by ejecting his head. The Blazers rescue him, but then their plane explodes too.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Glenda in Sonic Wings Special.

Glenda appears in several end sequences, where she is shown piloting an aircraft carrier (a different craft from the Goliath in Sonic Wings Assault) while Lord River-n-White looks on. Glenda communicates with the playable pilots via radio.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


Glenda in Sonic Wings Assault.

That day, Project Blue headquarters had fallen into mayhem. With all communications blocked, the members could not gather. There were not enough essential pilots, especially for the preparation of the fuselage. The opportunity to strike was lost; therefore, it was too late.

Glenda, as with other personal affairs, watched the circumstances in the hangar.

"Well, it's serious. I wonder how I can help," she murmured as she boarded an A-10 to sortie, as carefree as if she were going out for a stroll."
-Sonic Wings Assault Japanese game manual

Glenda returns to take on the enemy on her own in Sonic Wings Assault. She's determined in her missions and to the point with her comments; she prefers ground attacks to dogfighting. She is voiced by Arisa Andou in the Japanese version of the game and Valencia Lee in the English version.

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