Although it does not make its first appearance until Sonic Wings 3, the flying saucer Gurabura turns up in every Sonic Wings game since. In all games, it is a black or dark grey disc with lights. Usually the lights are red, but they are yellow in Sonic Wings Assault. Gurabura's pilot is never shown, but Video System's old website suggested that the craft is piloted by a Martian[1].

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Gurabura in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Mars

Gurabura is one of two possible bosses of the Mars stage, along with Soh Takeko. The flying saucer is released from a space station on Mars, where it flies quickly around and off of the screen, attacking with fireballs and lasers. Gurabura is often time-consuming to destroy simply because it is so fast and hard to catch. If it is not defeated, Gurabura is shown destroying Earth.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Gurabura in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Mexico

The Aztec pyramid from Sonic Wings 2 appears at the end of the Mexico stage in Special; however, when it opens, it is still the shot-out shell it became after being defeated in the earlier game. Gurabura emerges from inside the pyramid and flies past it, where the actual boss battle occurs. As in Sonic Wings 3, Gurabura darts around the screen and shoots fireballs at the player.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Gurabura in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: Fight in Orbit

Gurabura may appear as the game's final boss if the player has less than 600,000 points at the end of stage 6; sometimes Pandora is the boss of "Fight in Orbit" instead. Gurabura behaves in the same way as before, darting quickly about the screen in a pattern that makes it difficult to hit. If it is allowed to escape, the player gets an ending showing Gurabura destroying a city and declaring that the Earth is the easiest planet to invade.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


Gurabura in Sonic Wings Assault.

Stage: the Moon

Gurabura is the first enemy to appear if the player has defeated all bonus levels and unlocked the Moon level after defeating Lar in the Ice Cave. If Gurabura is not defeated, it unfolds into the Station Core. If the Core is not defeated, it opens to reveal Pandora.

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