Hawk is the only Sonic Wings character whose appearance differs between the Japanese and US versions of the games.

In the Japanese version of Sonic Wings Assault, Hawk is a teenager with long white hair worn in a ponytail and tied with a red ribbon. His eyes are a vivid green, and he has a very sharp canine tooth on his left side. Hawk has two small silver hoop earrings in his left ear. He wears a tight blue shirt, white pants, and brown leather straps around his neck, legs, ankles, and wrists.


The US version of Hawk.

In the US version of the game, Aero Fighters Assault, Hawk has deep blue eyes, a straight and rather large nose, and golden-brown hair, which he wears spiky but combed back. He also has a prominent widow's peak. Hawk wears a leather jacket with a red shirt under it. This version of Hawk bears a strong resemblance to Blaster Keaton, and one fan theory suggests that Hawk is intended to be Blaster's younger brother Zapper shown in early Sonic Wings games.

The character of Hawk was originally intended to be the son of Randy, Captain Silver's lost war comrade. This version of Hawk was going to be strongly attached to Silver, apparently as a surrogate father figure. However, Hawk's design was changed and this plot line was abandoned.[1]

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Hawk had striven to train as a student of the Project Blue aircraft unit. Hating to be defeated, he endeavored to raise his skill above the others in his class. As a result, he always had the top grades in his class, but. . .

"You're still just a child!" was the instructor's favorite phrase. Hawk hates this. "One day, when there is an opportunity, I'll save the world! The instructor knows I have the ability!" That became Hawk's dream. Such a time would be the crisis of the world. "I am invincible!" Overcoming the opposition all around him, Hawk flew away...
-Sonic Wings Assault Japanese strategy guide

Hawk is the youngest member of Project Blue; he is both brilliant and a bit arrogant due to his youth and great abilities. Like Volk, Hawk prefers air-to-air combat. In the US version of the game, he is cocky and rather sarcastic, and he most often speaks in stereotypical surfer slang. Hawk is voiced by Tsutomu Takayama in the Japanese version and Matt Edwards in the US version.

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