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The IL-2 Stormovik in Sonic Wings 3.

In Sonic Wings 3, the IL-2 Stormovik (misspelling of Sturmovik) is not especially useful: when powered up, it fires in a V-shape, making it difficult to control where the projectiles hit. It also loses its power, making it necessarily to continually collect power-ups. When boosted with these, Stormovik shoots miniature Russian towers such as the enemy towers found in several of the games.

The Stormovik's bomb consists of giant Matryoshka dolls (Russian nesting dolls) who attack the enemy. The faces of the dolls are based on that of Mikan Seijin (ミカンせいじん), a Japanese character who is an alien resembling an anthropomorphic orange.[1]

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


The IL-2 Stormovik in Sonic Wings Special.

The IL-2 Stormovik is more powerful than the girls' normal IL-102, and its fire is easier to control. Its attacks are the same, although in its bomb, sometimes one doll appears and fires giant Cyrillic letters; however, more commonly a line of four dolls appear for a brief time as in Sonic Wings 3.

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