The Kame-Chargers are flying creatures resembling spiky mechanical beetles; however, as 亀 ("kame") is Japanese for turtle or tortoise, they are meant to be turtles. They are green with blue heads, red details, and silver legs and spikes.

Rabio LepusEdit

Stage: Stage 6 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 2, boss 2 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus Special

In Rabio Lepus, they attack by charging at the player, as their name suggests. They attack en masse alongside the boss Tenukie Chaudo; however, the Kame-Chargers also appear individually as minor enemies throughout the game.

Sonic Wings 2Edit

Stage: space

When Tenukie Chaudo returns as a final boss of Sonic Wings 2, it brings the Kame-Chargers with it. Here, the Kame-Chargers drop from the top of the screen onto the player to cause damage if touched. However, if the player shoots the Kame-Chargers, they turn into falling carrots which give bonus points similar to the bonus carrots which can be caught at the end of each level in Rabio Lepus.

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