Mark, Glen, Akira, and Gil are the four disciples of an old Chinese master of the martial arts. The master was killed, his scrolls stolen, and his daughter kidnapped. The Karate Blazers set out for revenge for their master, to save the daughter, and to recover the scrolls that unlock the secret techniques for the "Killing" blow.
-Karate Blazers arcade manual

Karate Blazers is a beat-em-up, martial arts fighting game with four main characters: mercenary Mark, wrestler Glen, "mysterious fighter" Gill, and ninja Akira. The plot is a common one for Video System: a girl has been kidnapped, and the player has to save her. Both Glen and Gill appear later as the Blazers in Sonic Wings 3, where they will again try to rescue their master's daughter and the stolen scrolls.


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Karate Blazers has been released for the arcade in Japan and the US; however, it has never been released for a home console. Used PCB/Jamma boards are available online, although they are less common than some other Video System games. There seems to be no difference between the Japan and US versions of the game.

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