Malcolm is a character originally from the Video System game Tao Taido. Although he only appears as a playable character once in the Sonic Wings series, he does have a cameo in the later games. Malcolm has short grey hair despite being a young man. He is muscular and always wears a dark grey shirt and pants, along with elbow and knee pads. He has grey eyes (and, oddly enough, no eyebrows) with chiseled features.

Despite having been a Green Beret, Malcolm is a show-off and a bit silly. He tends to be vain, especially about his fighting skills. He annoys the other pilots and gets offended when they criticize him. Malcolm's hobby is ballet, which influences his odd moves.[1]



Comparison of T-1000 and Malcolm.

Malcolm was inspired by the character T-1000 from the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day.[1] Although they are not alike in personality, the two characters are very similar in facial features and hairstyle, although T-1000's hair is brown. Malcolm's nickname of "the living murder weapon" is also reminiscent of T-1000, who was a shape-shifting android composed of liquid metal and who could reshape his limbs into swords, hooks, and other solid weapons. There is a reference in Terminator 2 to a character who, like Malcolm, is an ex-Green Beret, but this character has no connection with T-1000.

Tao TaidoEdit


Malcolm in Tao Taido

Style: Renegade

Attack: Full Attack

"Originally a Green Beret soldier. Others fear the speed and destructive power of 'the living murder weapon.'"
-Tao Taido flyer

Malcolm first appears in Tao Taido, where his fighting style is marked by his lightness on his feet and his break-dancing-style combo attacks (despite his declaration in one screen that "This is fighting! Not break dancing!"). One such attack is the "Malcolm Flash" which he later displays in the Sonic Wings series along with his victory pose. As in Sonic Wings, Malcolm is self-assured to the point of being cocky, despite his rather prissy poses.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Malcolm in Sonic Wings 3

This new character to the Sonic Wings series is actually Malcolm, a character from the grappling game Tao Taido. He graduated with the Blazers with high marks. Since Tao Taido, he has changed his occupation to shooting. We wonder what he's been doing lately. However, this man with a past is a former Green Beret. Beginning with martial arts, including various classical forms, he is also an expert in military arts. Once, he was feared as "the living murder weapon" due to his speed and destructive power. Therefore, he has a hard and well-proportioned body. He also has sharp, piercing eyes, giving him the appearance (only the appearance) of cruelty in accordance with his nickname. Certainly, this person always seems composed and heartless, but he often acts stupid. A conceited dandy, indeed. . . . His fashion sense is to dress simply, as a street character (not a masseur relationship [??]). Furthermore, his age is not clear, but based on appearance, he seems to be in his early 30s.
-Sonic Wings 3 strategy guide

Malcolm comes to Sonic Wings 3 as the only character from Tao Taido to appear in a Sonic Wings game. As his description suggests, Malcolm is rather arrogant and self-confident in his abilities; his signature "Malcolm Flash" move from Tao Taido becomes his bomb attack in Sonic Wings 3. After the final boss battle, Malcolm comments on how easy the battle was and decides that he'll spend his paycheck on a vacation. Unfortunately, he crashes his plane while trying to land, and his hard-earned money is spent at the hospital instead.

In two-player mode, Malcolm fights with Lord River-n-White and Kowful. More than once, Malcolm declares them (or at least Kowful) to be fools, while River-n-White finds both of his partners to be rude. Once they've defeated the final boss, one of Malcolm's partners (likely Kowful) mentions that Malcolm has been busy since Tao Taido, while the other comments that he isn't familiar with the game. Malcolm decides to educate them by showing them his "desperation technique," one of his more sparkly poses. When Kowful declares that the pose looks stupid, Malcolm is infuriated and attacks them with his Malcolm Flash.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Malcolm in Sonic Wings Special and Limited

Malcolm appears if the player defeats Balbi or Osaru with Angela and Cincia and Ellen in two-player mode; the scene is similar to Malcolm's ending with Lord River-n-White and Kowful in Sonic Wings 3. Ellen, Cincia, and Angela go to Malcolm for training, but they aren't too sure about his techniques. This angers Malcolm, who attacks them with his "Malcolm Flash." A rough translation of this scene is in the gallery below.

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