Mao Mao's manager is a dark-haired man with a mustache and glasses who goes through a lot trying to keep up with an idol who is always disappearing. His design is similar to that of a character in the manga (脱走急行). A comic in Gamest magazine depicted Mao Mao's manager as a woman but was proven to be non-canonical.[1]

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Mao Mao's manager in Sonic Wings 2.

Mao Mao's manager appears after the final boss battle when she is used in singer-player mode. Not aware that Mao Mao is secretly a fighter pilot, he scolds her for being late for her concert.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit

The manager appears again if the player chooses Mao Mao in single-player mode and fights the boss battle with Pandora; he is seen amid many other images of Mao Mao's career as a "super sonic idol star."

Strangely, Chaika and Pooshika's father, who appears in these games, is identical in appearance to Mao Mao's manager. The game designers appear to have used the same image for both characters, "for some reason" according to Video System's website.[1] The site raises the question whether the two are the same person.

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