Sonic Wings 3Edit

Stage: Fortress of the Soviet Union

The Maxim Gorky base, referred to as Maxim Gorky I & II, is the third boss of the Soviet Union stage, appearing after both Zuvieno 9 and Novgorod. Maxim Gorky consists of eight turrets surrounding a rectangular control center. The turrets will regenerate if destroyed, so the key to defeating the base is to focus firepower on the control center instead.

The Maxim Gorky is named for a famous Russian author. While there are several real-world aircraft and ships with the name of Maxim Gorky, the base is fictional [1].

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Maxim Gorky in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Ural Range

This time, the Maxim Gorky base is located in the Ural Mountains, set into the side of a mountain, and it consists of only six turrets around its control center. However, it behaves the same way as in Sonic Wings 3.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Maxim Gorky in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: The Alps

The base, this time called Maxim Gorky III, is the same as in Special, except the four smaller turrets in front do not regenerate.


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