Osaru is a giant monkey who appears as a recurring boss throughout the Sonic Wings series. The name Osaru comes from the Japanese word さる ("saru") meaning "monkey"; the O prefix is an honorific. During Mao Mao and Hien's ending sequence in the original Sonic Wings, Osaru's name is given as "Mohretu Saru Bomb." This is a romanji spelling of モーレツお猿爆弾, which means "super monkey bomb." In the US manual for Aero Fighters, Osaru is called "the Alien Gorgonzula."

Osaru's appearance is the same in all games, even those in which it is part of a larger boss. Specifically, it is a Japanese Macaque. Osaru has light tan fur, bright green eyes, and pinkish-red face and hands.

Sonic WingsEdit


Osaru in Sonic Wings.

Stage: space

In Sonic Wings, Osaru is one of two possible final bosses, along with Pandora. After the battle with the level's sub-boss, a rocket ship takes off. As it is shot by the player, pieces fall away until only its core is left. Out of this core emerges Osaru. Osaru's attacks include shooting fire balls, curling up into a ball and dropping on the planes, and calling forth a line of smaller monkeys who drop on the planes.

If the player allows Osaru to escape or does not defeat it in time, a "bad ending" appears in which Osaru is shown destroying a large city.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Osaru in Sonic Wings 2.

Stage: space

In Sonic Wings 2, Osaru appears halfway through the space level, no matter which final boss the level contains. Osaru now rides the Station Core sub-boss from Sonic Wings. Osaru's attacks include the fire balls and smaller monkeys from the precious game, but it does not curl up into a ball. It can also now attack by banging a pair of cymbals, a reference to a classic toy featuring a mechanical monkey with cymbals.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Tenukie Chaudo Osaru Station in Sonic Wings 3.


Large Mysterious Sphere Osaru Station in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Deep Sea off the Bermuda, Mars

Osaru appears twice in Sonic Wings 3, as the sub-boss of both final stages. In the Bermuda stage, it appears as part of ボステヌキーチャウドおさるステーション (Tenukie Chaudo Osaru Station) along with Tenukie Chaudo and the Station Core. Osaru itself attacks by throwing fireballs, but more often it leaves the work to Tenukie and instead responds to the ghost's actions, often comically: Osaru's movements include plugging its ears when Tenukie imitates Mao Mao, dancing the YMCA, and playing a guitar while Tenukie sings. In the Mars stage, Osaru is part of 大怪球おさるステーション (Large Mysterious Sphere Osaru Station) along with Lar. Osaru again does not attack as much as Lar, but it does use smaller monkeys as in previous games.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Osaru in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Fight in Orbit

Osaru will occasionally be the final boss of the Fight in Orbit stage, in place of Pandora. When it appears, Osaru bursts directly out of the rocket rather than putting the player through the hassle of fighting the core as when Pandora appears. Osaru attacks by throwing fireballs. If encountered and defeated, Osaru is shown crashing out of the sky in several of the characters' endings.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Osaru in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: Mars

Osaru is the game's final boss if the player has more than 600,000 points at the end of the Panama Canal stage. The Mars stage is particularly short with no sub-boss. Osaru behaves as in earlier games. It is accompanied by the row of smaller monkeys; if shot, they give full power-ups. Osaru sometimes turns around to reveal a bright green kanji on its back. The kanji is 猿, pronounced "saru," which is the word for "monkey." If allowed to escape, Osaru is shown attacking Mars and the Martians.

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