Many penguins turn up in Video System games because of the staff members' "penguin mania"; however, for some reason, the penguins are always creepy.[1] This particular strange penguin appears several times in the Sonic Wings series, most often if the player allows certain bosses to escape. The penguin tends to laugh or make fourth-wall-breaking statements. Its presence in the series is never explained. Video System's website describes it as "an eerie guy who laughs for no reason."[1]

Sonic Wings 2Edit

The penguin appears in the end sequence if the player gets the rare final boss Manbou and lets it escape in the first run of the game. The penguin laughs and tells the player, "Too bad."

Sonic Wings 3Edit

Again, the penguin appears in the end sequence if the player allows the rare Giant Squid final boss to escape in the Deep Sea off the Bermuda stage. This time, the penguin simply laughs.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit

Yet again, if the player gets Manbou in the Bermuda Triangle stage and allows it to escape, the penguin appears in a special ending where it announces, "By purposely letting the last boss escape, you see this ending!"  However, the penguin also notes that the player won't get "500 million points" as a reward.

PSOGL2 216

Mao Mao with the evil penguins in Sonic Wings Special.

The penguin also appears if the player defeats Lar in single-player mode with "The Man," Captain Waffle. The penguin reads a letter from "Taro Kitashirakawa of Kyoto (occupation: king)" asking about "The Man's" true identity. Instead of answering, the penguin just laughs. A rough translation of this scene is in the gallery below.

Different penguins are shown in Mao Mao's end sequence if the player defeats Balbi in single-player mode. Among other scenes, Mao Mao appears in Antarctica in a parka, with several penguins behind her. One of the penguins has the kanji 悪, meaning "evil," on its stomach.

Pop'n BounceEdit


The penguin in Pop'n Bounce.

A penguin also appears as an enemy in Pop'n Bounce; however it does not resemble the penguin from the Sonic Wings series.

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