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Pictus is a Turkish Van cat who flies with Alex in Sonic Wings 3.[1] Pictus has heterochromia, with one blue eye and one gold eye. Heterochromia is common in Turkish Vans, but Pictus's fur color is not consistent with the breed.[2] Pictus was inspired by a cat named Yuzu in manga by Masumi Sudo.[1]

In two-player mode, Alex and Pictus are paired with Ellen and Cincia .  After the final boss battle, Ellen dreams that she's about to be married to Pictus with a human body.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Pictus in Sonic Wings Special.

In Sonic Wings Special, Pictus accompanies Lord River-n-White on his missions; River-n-White is possibly Pictus's new owner.[1] At times, the cat causes some trouble, such as when he accidentally crashes River-n-White's plane!

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