Sonic WingsEdit

Stage: North Africa

In Sonic Wings, the Pomornik attacks by releasing smaller vehicles and fireballs. The Pomornik is a Russian landing craft and one of the newest crafts to appear in Sonic Wings, having come into service in 1986 [1].

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Mars-Vesta as the Pomornik in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Southeast Asia Ruins

Occasionally, the shape-shifting boss Mars-Vesta will turn into a grey-scale copy of the Pomornik. It attacks only with fireballs.

Sonic Wings Special Edit


The Pomornik in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Aegean Sea

The Pomornik reprises its role as in the original Sonic Wings, attacking as before.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


The Pomornik in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: The Ural Mountains

The Pomornik has a cameo of sorts in the Ural Mountains stage; two of the craft appear ordinary enemies rather than bosses.

Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit

Stage: Bosporus Straits

The Pormonik behaves the same as in the first Sonic Wings but appears in a new location.