Power Spikes II is the sequel to Video System's Super Volley '91 (Japan title)/Power Spikes (world title) volleyball video game released in 1991. However, instead of featuring only realistic volleyball like its predecessor, Power Spikes II also includes a space-based "hyper" league. Power Spikes II references several of Video System's other games:

  • Tee-Bee A-10 is referee for the Hyper League matches.
  • Rabio serves as a cursor in the menus.
  • The Turbo Force team in the hyper league is named for the Video System game Turbo Force.
  • The Metal Breakers team is possibly named for Spinal Breakers.

Power Spikes II has three leagues: Hyper League, World Men, and World Women. Each league is composed of eight teams.


None available


None available


Hyper LeagueEdit

  • Lethal Machines
  • Metal Breakers
  • Turbo Force
  • Power Spikers
  • Neo Crashers
  • Steel Strikers
  • Iron Fangs
  • Grooscaps

World Men and World WomenEdit

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • England
  • Germany
  • France
  • Korea
  • USA
  • China

Game VersionsEdit


Power Spikes II has been released for the arcade in Japan and the US. Used PCB/Jamma boards seem to be uncommon even online. There seems to be no difference between the Japan and US versions of the game.


For home systems, Power Spikes II was released for the Neo-Geo. Both cartridge and CD versions of the game exist. The CDs are still easily found online, but the cartridges seem to be rarer.