Captain Silver is a retired veteran of the United States military; he is always accompanied by a parrot named Flint (Polly in some English translations). Flint's original owner was Silver's war comrade and subordinate Randy, who was killed by Fata Morgana, apparently during the invasion depicted in Sonic Wings. Silver fights Fata Morgana to avenge Randy's death, just as he cares for Flint in Randy's memory. Character notes in Pseudo Sky Rascals reveal that Silver's title in Sonic Wings 2 was meant to be Colonel and not Captain; however, so many magazines got the title wrong, the designers changed the title to Captain for Sonic Wings Special.

Silver is normally taciturn, but he also can be quite emotional; his character description states that he even cries over Randy in combat. Most of the time, he views Flint as his only friend, and Silver spends his evenings drinking in a bar. He has little patience for some of the more exuberant members of Project Blue (Angela for instance), but he respects the fighting abilities of Hien, Keaton, and the like. Silver usually resists the attempts of the others to befriend him; apparently no one can take Randy's place. His character description also points out that he's a bachelor and that he apparently worked at Cincia's residence for a while.[1]

A point garnering many comments from the other characters is Silver's completely bald head; his nose is on the large side. He is also characterized by his deep blue eyes and brown mustache; in Special/Limited, he has grown a matching goatee. Silver always wears a military green uniform, and in Special/Limited, he and Flint both wear headsets. In some game artwork, Silver is shown holding a set of dog tags, presumably Randy's.


Captain Silver's name is a reference to the famous fictional pirate Long John Silver from Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island. Long John Silver's constant companion was also a parrot named Captain Flint. In the novel, the parrot was named for Silver's former captain (a pirate who actually existed). However, Captain Silver does not resemble Long John Silver physically.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Captain Silver in Sonic Wings 2.

Revenge for a Fallen Fellow
A veteran who wants to avenge the death of his former comrade. The parakeet [sic] with him is a memento of his fallen fellow.
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

The 50-year-old veteran, a bachelor. The parrot "Flint" on his shoulder is in remembrance of his comrade Randy. Two years ago, the mysterious organization murdered his comrade (evidently his subordinate), for which Silver seeks revenge; participation in combat therefore moves him to tears. Anyhow, he is reluctant to grow old. He has a bald head and a massive, impressive nose."
-Sonic Wings 3 strategy guide

In Silver's first appearance in the Sonic Wings series, he appears patently unhappy, even when he defeats the enemy. In fact, after defeating the final boss, Silver returns to his lonely life with only Flint and a bartender for company.

In two-player mode, Silver can be paired with any of the other pilots:

  • Angela: Angela is not overly respectful of Silver, calling him "wacky" and "old man." Silver puts up with it through the battles, but he's finally had enough of Angela after the final boss battle. Silver declares that they've saved the world, but Angela just prances around singing, earning herself a sound kick from Silver. In the Japanese version of the game, Angela interrupts Silver's thoughts of his lost comrade Randy. A translation of this ending is in the gallery below.
  • Arthur: Each is amazed at the other's age, and they argue a bit: Silver mocks Arthur's age, and Arthur mocks Silver's baldness. After the final boss battle, Silver's plane catches on fire; surrounded by flames, he declares that he will die a hero, while Flint looks around rather frantically. Arthur survives, but apparently Silver perishes in this most depressing ending.
  • Cincia and Ellen: Cincia and Ellen are rude to Silver at first, calling him old and bald. Still, they admire his fighting skills, and they agree to rub his head for luck. After the final boss battle, Cincia asks Silver to come to her house. As it turns out, Cincia just wants Silver's parrot Flint for her own pet.
  • Hien: Hien is impatient with Silver, just like he is with everyone else, and he's rather critical of Silver's age. However, he's eventually impressed with the captain's fighting, and the two end up with a mutual respect for each other. After the final boss battle, Hien asks Silver to continue fighting with him, but Silver refuses. He and Flint end up sitting in a bar alone except for the bartender.
  • Mecha-Keaton: Keaton isn't exactly respectful to Silver-- he calls him "old man" and comments on his baldness-- but Silver doesn't seem to mind too much. After the final boss battle, Keaton loses control of his plane and crashes; his body is destroyed, but Silver's parrot Flint saves Keaton's head. Silver brings Keaton to Kowful who complains that Keaton has lost his body again.
  • Mao Mao: Mao Mao rather rudely declares that Silver looks old, but they get along well enough for all that. After the final boss battle, Silver tells Mao Mao that he'll miss her because his parrot Flint is his only friend; however, she and the other pilots assure him that he isn't alone after all.
  • Whity: Silver is amazed at Whity and questions how the dolphin is able to talk. However, Whity is encouraging, and the two get along pretty well. After the final boss battle, Silver and Whity rejoice that they have beaten the enemy-- until the defeated boss crashes into their planes.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Captain Silver in Sonic Wings 3.

Silver appears in the game's ending in two-player mode if the players choose Whity and Chaika and Pooshika. After the final boss battle, Chaika and Pooshika spy on Whity, trying to figure out how he can fly a plane. To their amazement, he takes off his head, revealing himself to be Captain Silver and Flint in a dolphin costume! But when the girls ask, "Really?" the game declares, "Well, no, not exactly" along with the images of two Martians. This enigmatic ending is never explained

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Captain Silver in Sonic Wings Special and Limited.

Silver returns with Flint in Special with much the same personality, although he has now grown a beard to accompany his mustache. In two-player mode, Silver is paired with Blaster Keaton.

One-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: After defeating the enemy, Silver and Flint go to the bar shown in Sonic Wings 2, where they sit alone save for the bartender.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: With Flint, Silver visits the grave of his fallen comrade, Randy. However, his visit is interrupted by a shadowy figure whom Silver recognizes as Randy himself. Randy declares that death cannot defeat those who refuse to give up living, and they all live "happily ever after."
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: Similar to Silver's ending with Arthur in Sonic Wings 2, Silver and Flint are relieved that their mission is over, but then an explosion breaks out in their plane. Surrounded by flames, Silver says that they need to escape, but then the plane blows up. The game states that Silver and Flint were never seen again.

Two-Player Mode Ending - Human Keaton (Sonic Wings Special only):

  • No matter which boss is defeated, the same ending appears.  Keaton discovers that some remnants of the enemy remain.  Suffering a head wound, he stays behind and tells Silver to "hang in there" and go on ahead.  Silver hopes that Keaton will return.  A rough translation is in the gallery below.

Two-Player Mode Endings - Mecha-Keaton:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: Recalling Keaton's Sonic Wings 2 ending with Arthur, Keaton and Silver go to William's house for food, where Silver, William, and Arthur watch in amazement as Keaton shovels in an omelet.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: Keaton's plane goes down again, but Flint rescues his head. Kowful reveals that he's finished "fixing" Keaton's old body, and the game asks if Keaton can return to his old self.
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: Similar to Keaton's two-player ending in Sonic Wings, Silver and Keaton attempt to land on an aircraft carrier. This time, however, Keaton is the one who misses and sinks the ship.

Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit

Silver reprises his role from Special, searching for Randy's killer with Flint.

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