Sonic Wings 3Edit

This soldier of the enemy organization appears in the the Blazers' (Glen, Gill, and Glenda) single-player mode ending. Gill questions him about the whereabouts of his Master's Daughter, who has been kidnapped. When the soldier protests that his organization hasn't kidnapped anyone, the Blazers realize that they were fighting the wrong group all along. The solder does not indicate which organization he belongs to, Fata Morgana or the Hildroid.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


The soldier in Sonic Wings Special.

The soldier appears if the player defeats Balbi with Kotomi Kitashirakawa and "The Man" (Gore) in two-player mode. Kotomi demands that the solder tell her where to find her kidnapped sister, Princess Komomo Kitashirakawa. However, Gore kills the soldier before he can answer, saying there's been too much talk about the princess.

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