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Once a wicked organization schemed to destroy the world but it was wiped out by 8 pilots. 2 years later, a mighty, unknown army suddenly appeared and soon occupied the world. The United Nations Peace Keeping Force rushed in to intercept them but missed in the enemy [sic]. Their last reports say that the super weapons which had attacked the world 2 years ago still exist. But does the organization behind them still exist?

The U.N. has requested the International Secret Rescue team to take action. The commander was [sic] ordered all members to destroy them completely. Now, the time to sortie is upon us!

—Aero Fighters 2 English manual

Sonic Wings 2 features a few of the same basic elements present in the original Sonic Wings: a team of international pilots fighting an alien enemy. Game play is essentially the same, including vertical scrolling, enemy targets with power-ups, and special weapons for each plane. However, the feel of the game is quite different due to its better graphics, more humorous storyline, and wider range of characters. The game was also released in the USA for the Neo-Geo and Neo-Geo CD under the name Aero Fighters 2.

While the player may still choose from among eight pilots, two-player mode is quite different from that in Sonic Wings: the second player may select from any of the other pilots instead of being forced to use the pilot from the same country as player one. Each pairing of pilots has its own ending sequence, in addition to the eight sequences for the individual pilots.

Some minor bosses have changed from the original Sonic Wings, as have the final bosses: Osaru is now only a minor boss in the "Another Dimension" stage of the game, appearing before the player encounters Lar, Tenukie Chaudo, or Manbou. Finally, the gameplay includes two short "bonus levels" without final bosses, in which the player is constantly bombarded with easily destructible enemy craft; each enemy produces a power-up when defeated.



No secrets are known at this time.




Game Versions[]



Sonic Wings 2 was released in arcades in Japan; it was released internationally as Aero Fighters 2. Used PCB/Jamma boards are readily available online.



For home systems, Sonic Wings 2 was released for the Neo-Geo. Both cartridge and CD versions of the game exist and are still easily found online.



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