Sonic Wings Assault, the last game in the Sonic Wings series, stands out for its completely different style of game play. Deviating from the vertically scrolling tradition, players must fly through three-dimensional space in timed missions to attack boss enemies, along with their supporting aircraft. Besides worrying about getting shot down by the enemy, players must also avoid crashing into the ground or buildings. Each player is flanked by three wingmen and reports to the carrier Goliath. Assault features the fewest playable characters out of the entire series, with only four options available in normal play and two hidden, unlockable characters. There is also little plot revealed within the game itself, with no dialogue in between stages.

Still, there are many familiar elements in Assault: most playable characters were featured in previous games, and most of the bosses are familiar enemies. In addition, many of the sound effects, such as the character select noises, are old Sonic Wings standbys.

The US game manual provides the following back story on the game: the series' enemy, the terrorist organization Fata Morgana, detonated a "heat-generating bomb" in the Antarctic, which has flooded major cities around the world. All of the world's military is preoccupied with other tasks, leaving Project Blue, organized by the United Nations, to defeat the enemy.




  • Mao Mao: On the title screen press C left, C down, C right, C up, C left, C right, C down.
  • Whity: Complete all bonus stages in the game.
  • Extra plane colors: When you choose an airplane, use the control stick to select your plane. Press the R button to change color schemes.
  • Stage select: During the plane-flying scene after the Video Systems screen, enter this code: Up on the Control Pad, C-Down, Left on the Control Pad, C-Right, Down on the Control Pad, C-Up, Right on the Control Pad, C-Left, L Button, R Button, Z Button. If you do it right, the game will chime. (untested)
  • Extra pilots in death match: Use the stage select above to enter the space stage. After you complete it, you will enter death match mode, and you'll have six additional pilots. (untested)



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The Japanese Nintendo 64 game

Sonic Wings Assault is the only game in the series released for just one console. Both the Japan and US versions are still readily available online.


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