In some ways, Sonic Wings Limited is, as its name implies, a simplified, arcade-only version of Sonic Wings Special; however, it does have a few differences which make it worth playing for those already familiar with Special. Limited features all of Special's characters, save for the unlockable Kotomi and The Man, although Keaton appears only as Mecha-Keaton and not in his human form. Each character also only has one aircraft instead of a second unlockable one as in Special. While Limited's character endings are the same as in Special, the stage selection process is more complicated. Rather than allowing the player to actively choose stages, the player's score at certain points in the game determine which stages-- and which final bosses and endings-- appear.

Limited's first boss Gozan does not appear in any other Sonic Wings game. The other bosses are all in other games, most of them in Special, but they appear in different levels than in other games. Finally, the background for the Kyoto/Japan level is completely different than in Special.

Limited was released internationally in English as "Aero Fighters Special."



Route SelectionEdit

Stage 1: Kyoto

Stage 2: Chosen randomly from either Paris, The Alps, or Mato Grosso

Stage 3: Chosen randomly from either Paris, The Alps, or Mato Grosso

Stage 4: The Ural Mountains

Stage 5

  • Finish Stage 4 with less than 500,000 points: Aegean Sea
  • Finish Stage 4 with more than 500,000 points: New York

Stage 6

  • Finish Stage 5 with less than 550,000 points: Red Square
  • Finish Stage 5 with more than 550,000 points: Panama Canal

Stage 7

  • Finish Stage 6 with less than 600,000 points: Fight in Orbit
  • Finish Stage 6 (Red Square) with more than 600,000 points: Another Dimension
  • Finish Stage 6 (Panama Canal) with more than 600,000 points and without losing a life: Mars

Final Bosses




Game VersionsEdit



Sonic Wings Limited was released in arcades in Japan; it was released internationally as Aero Fighters Special. Used PCB/Jamma boards seem to be much more rare than those for the earlier games.


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