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In the near future, a secret organization is plotting against an otherwise peaceful world. Much of this organization's plans are still unclear. Several countries have launched investigations, but all they have discovered is that its purpose is to destroy the world order, that it possesses unknown chemical weapons, and that it calls itself Fata Morgana.

To fight against Fata Morgana, a super-national organization called Project Blue has been established. It is a group of combat experts from all over the world, and is officially part of the U.N. Security Force's commando units.

Project Blue operated behind the scenes at first, but the worldwide coup d'etat by Fata Morgana, in which the nerve centers of multiple countries' militaries were seized, forced Project Blue to step up its operations.

Nevertheless, the world fell into chaos, and Fata Morgana quickly expanded the areas under its control.

Recently, an intelligence agent has reported that Fata Morgana is close to completing a secret weapon that can kill or wound two-thirds of the world's population.

Project Blue's secret operations are no longer enough to contain Fata Morgana, so to build a stronger force, all the experts in the world have been called up to participate, in some cases nearly conscripted.

There's no time to lose. Captain Lord River-n-White's orders: "Use of all weapons is allowed. Launch a full-scale attack!" The enemy awaits you in various parts of the world.
-Sonic Wings Special game manual

Sonic Wings Special seems to be an expanded version of Sonic Wings Limited available only for home consoles. It features the most playable characters of any game in the series, although some are "hidden" characters not available at first. All other characters playable in previous games make cameos as non-playable characters as well. Special also allows the player to choose her/his path; unlike Sonic Wings 3 or Sonic Wings Limited, however, the game alerts the player of the next stages available. The game also randomly selects which "worlds" are used for the second, third, and fourth stages of the game. The system of power ups and extra points remains the same.

Special for the most part reuses levels and enemies found in Sonic Wings 1, 2, and 3, as well as endings for some characters. However, parts of some levels have been altered from the original games, and there are some new final bosses. These changes, coupled with some new characters, updated graphics, and beautiful music make Special worth playing for those who have already played the previous games in the series.




  • Alternate aircraft: Complete the game with a character, then continue the game to be able to select an alternate aircraft for that character.
  • Mecha-Keaton: Complete the game with Blaster Keaton (any ending), then continue the game to be able to use Mecha-Keaton.
  • Mao Mao's alternative outfit in high score board: If you complete Hien and Mao Mao in their alternative aircraft (Gekkou and Seiran), Mao Mao will switch into her alternative outfit on the high score board.
  • Angela and Cincia & Ellen: Complete the game with all other pilots.
  • Kotomi and The Man: Complete the game with all other pilots, including Angela and Cincia & Ellen. Kotomi and The Man will not be visible on the character select screen, but you can access them by scrolling above Keaton/Silver or below Angela/Cincia & Ellen.
  • Pair any pilots in two-player mode: Complete the game with all pilots, including Kotomi, The Man, and everyone's alternate aircraft.  However, there is no stage dialogue between the pilots and no additional endings.

Cheat Codes

Gameshark codes - PSX version

  • Infinite credits: 800E6254 0009
  • Finish with 00:00:00 time: 800E61B8 0000, 800E61BA 0000
  • 1P invincible: 80126442 0001
  • 1P infinite lives: 80126418 0002
  • 1P infinite bombs: 8012643C 0502
  • 1P with maximum points: D0126416 0000, 80126416 00FF
  • 2P invincible: 801264AE 0001
  • 2P infinite lives: 80126484 0002
  • 2P infinite bombs: 801264A8 0502
  • 2P with maximum points: D0126482 0000, 80126482 00FF

Gameshark codes - Sega Saturn version (untested)

  • Master code (must be on for the other codes to work): F6000914 C305, B6002800 0000
  • 1P invincible: 1607C452 0100
  • 1P infinite lives: 1607C428 0004
  • 1P full power: 1607C42E 0010
  • 1P infinite bombs: 1607C44C 0006
  • 2P invincible: 1607C4BA 0100
  • 2P infinite lives: 1607C490 0004
  • 2P full power: 1607C496 0010
  • 2P infinite bombs: 1607C4B4 0006



This image obtained from one of the game's files gives the complete cast list that is only partially shown in one of the two-player endings for Hien and Mao Mao.


Game Versions


Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn game

Sonic Wings Special was released only for home consoles, with Sonic Wings Limited as its arcade-only version. Along with the game and manual, the Saturn release included a mini CD containing Mao Mao's two songs "Onsoku Musume" and "Tsuki no Sakana."


Special was also released in Japanese for the first PlayStation (PSX).

While the game did not have a US release, it was released for the PSX in PAL format for the UK and Australia. It was still titled "Sonic Wings Special" without using the English-version name Aero Fighters, perhaps because the title "Aero Fighters Special" was being used for the international arcade release of Limited. The manual for this release is translated into English, but it does not feature any of the art seen in the Japanese Sega Saturn manual. Oddly, the manual and packaging claim that the game features "70 different endings" when in fact all endings and stage dialogue were cut from the PAL version, apparently so Hamster/Phoenix wouldn't have to spend money on translations.

PlayStation 3/PSP/PS Vita

Sonic Wings Special was released for the PS3/PSP/PS Vita on November 16, 2010. The Japanese version of Sonic Wings Special can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store.