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New Game Added

I've added a page for another Video System mahjong game, The Mahjong Touhaiden, which includes appearances by River-n-White and Mao Mao. Other updates include a lot of material added to the pages for Gapporin (formerly Pop'n Bounce) and SukuSuku Inufuku 2, along with new images here and there. See this discussion post for all the latest changes. TheShekinah (talk) 11 January 2022

Rabio Lepus Updates

I've made a lot of updates to the page for Rabio Lepus and a few other pages. This discussion post lists them all. TheShekinah (talk) 5 January 2022

Soundtrack Updates

I've added pages for the two recently released Video System Arcade Sound Digital Collection OSTs for Rabio Lepus/Turbo Force and the Sonic Wings series. I'll add scans of the booklets when my copies arrive. I've also updated all the other soundtrack pages to include Japanese track titles where applicable. TheShekinah 20:23, 4 January 2022 (UTC)

Recent Updates

I've made a lot of updates over the past few days. Most notably, I've added a page and information for the unreleased Video System game Metal Rabbit, which was to share the setting and many of the characters of Rabio Lepus. It's also the origin of the character Gore, who appears as one identity of The Man in the Sonic Wings series. I've posted a complete list of all the updates in this discussion post. TheShekinah (talk) 2 January 2022
artwork of Sonic Wings characters in chibi form.

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Flyer for the unreleased Video System game Metal Rabbit.