The fighting aircraft Spriggan appears in several Sonic Wings games. While there is no real-world aircraft named "Spriggan," but the craft seems to be based on the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. In Cornish mythology, a Spriggan was a mischievous fairy creature. A Russian anti-tank missile named Spriggan exists, but as it was released in 1994, the same year as Sonic Wings 2, there is apparently no connection to the Sonic Wings craft[1]. The Spriggan aircraft is unrelated to the manga and anime Spriggan.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Spriggan in Sonic Wings 2.

Stage: America

Spriggan appears at the end of the America stage, after the player flies over the fairgrounds. This giant aircraft may be shot in several separate places; both wings can be shot off before the craft is destroyed.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


Spriggan in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Hawaii

Spriggan appears in Hawaii instead of New York in Special, but it looks and behaves the same as in Sonic Wings 2.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Spriggan in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: New York

Spriggan appears as a regular, non-boss enemy in the early part of the stage.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


Spriggan in Sonic Wings Assault.

Area: Air Battle

"The wingspan of the aircraft Spriggan appears infinite compared to your fighter jet. The Spriggan has stealth capabilities, but doesn't move too fast. You'll find this giant bird flying high in the sky. Be aware of its special attack laser."
-Aerofighters Assault English game manual

Spriggan returns, large as ever (roughly between a 300 and 375 meter wingspan), in a level fought at over 3000 meters; therefore, the player does not have to worry about crashing into the ground, although crashing into Spriggan itself remains a possibility. Still, Spriggan is hard to damage because it is so thin; it is necessary to come at it from above or below to ensure a hit. Spriggan has much less HP than Leviathan, however, and is not overly difficult to defeat.

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