The Station Core has the honor of being the only large-scale boss to appear in every Sonic Wings game. However, it is never a final boss in its own right, and it often appears as part of a larger boss. The Station Core resembles a piece of space craft, most often gold in colored. When it appears with other bosses, they ride on top of it.

Sonic WingsEdit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings.

Stage: Space

The Station Core appears halfway through the final level of the game as the sub-boss. It launches from a giant space station to fire projectiles at the player.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings 2.

Stage: space

The Station Core returns as a sub-boss to the last level, this time being ridden and steered by Osaru. The Core itself shoots small fire balls from the two protruding poles on its front, but for the most part, it serves as transportation for Osaru.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: Deep Sea off the Bermuda

The Station Core appears as the sub-boss in the Bermuda final stage. It is part of ボステヌキーチャウドおさるステーション (Tenukie Chaud Osaru Station) along with Osaru and Tenukie Chaudo. The Core serves as transportation for the other two bosses and does not attack the player itself.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Fight in Orbit

The Station Core reprises its role as a solo boss in Sonic Wings Special, again appearing as a sub-boss halfway through the stage Fight in Orbit. The Core behaves as it did in Sonic Wings, darting around the screen and shooting fireballs.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: Fight in Orbit

In Limited, the Station Core again behaves as it did in Sonic Wings; however, this time it has a more silvery color than before.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


The Station Core in Sonic Wings Assault.

Stage: the Moon

The Station Core, this time quite different in appearance, can be found if the player has defeated all bonus levels and unlocked the Moon level after defeating Lar in the Ice Cave. The UFO Gurabura appears first; if not defeated, it unfolds into the Station Core. Likewise, if the Core is not defeated, it opens to reveal Pandora. The Core attacks by shooting projectiles at the player.

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