SukuSuku Inufuku (which means "quickly, lucky dog") features the rather odd-looking dog Inufuku, who also has cameos in some of the later Sonic Wings games. The game spans a year; in January, the player adopts an Inufuku to raise. Throughout the year, the player encounters a variety of characters who challenge her/him to quizzes and competitive games. The player's performance on the challenges influences how her/his Inufuku looks as it grows up. The characters, locations, and title cards for each month that show up in the game also vary.

The game also includes a quiz-only mode where the player is challenged with sets of increasingly difficult quiz questions.

Besides Inufukus showing up in the Sonic Wings series, several Sonic Wings and other Video System cameos appear in SukuSuku Inufuku:

A sketchbook called Inufuku Breeders was released with official character sketches and commentary.

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SukuSuku Inufuku was released for arcades in Japan only. Used hardware appears to be hard to find.

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In 2004, Hamster released SukuSuku Inufuku for the PlayStation 2. It appears to have little difference from the arcade version. The PlayStation version was reissued as well, but both the original and reissued discs are widely available on Japanese sites and on eBay. The game is available for download on PlayStation Asia but not the US site; there are also a variety of avatars available.

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