Rabio LepusEdit

Stage: Stage 8 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 2, boss 3 (Asteroid) in Rabio Lepus Special

The Tapeworm emerges from the mouth of the Golem Head. In Rabio Lepus, the Tapeworm seems to be robotic and is made of metallic segments. The Tapeworm is more organic in Rabio Lepus Special with many small legs.

The Golem Head is the chief boss of the asteroid series of levels, and it guards the kidnapped king of Bunnyland. The Tapeworm also emerges from the head's mouth and helps it attack; the worm causes damage both by shooting fireballs and by touching the player. It is vulnerable to attack only in its head, although it will die if the Golem Head is defeated. Also, when this boss reappears in the final levels of the game, there are two Tapeworms and no Golem Head.

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