Sonic WingsEdit

Tee-Bee A-10 Mk II (mark, or version, 2) is an upgraded version of Tee-Bee A-10. Mk II replaces his predecessor as the strongest fighting machine in the world. Presumably, Mk II was created by Kowful, as Tee-Bee was. The player does not see Mk II himself, only his plane, which is identical to Tee-Bee's. In a section that gives updates for characters appearing in earlier games, the Sonic Wings 3 strategy guide states that Mk II had a conscience circuit installed in Kowful's laboratory after Sonic Wings. However, it also states that after Mk II shot down Tee-Bee, both his and Tee-Bee's planes disappeared.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit

Mk II's plane is shown shooting down Tee-Bee if the player defeats Lar in single-player mode using Tee-Bee. However, this time, Mk II's plane is different from Tee-Bee's.