The tank Vazeel (also translated as Bazeel) appears as a boss in every Sonic Wings game. Its appearance changes from game to game, but in most stages, it is brown with several moving parts. It usually turns up in desert stages. Vazeel has no real-life tank counterparts.

Sonic WingsEdit

Stage: Middle East

Though appearing fairly compact at first, Vazeel opens up into a large vehicle with several firing turrets. The various parts of Vazeel can be destroyed independently for a higher score.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Vazeel in Sonic Wings 2.


The smaller version of Vazeel in Sonic Wings 2.

Stage: Brazil

In Sonic Wings 2, a second version of Vazeel appears as the boss of the Brazil stage. As before, Vazeel has unfolding parts that can be destroyed separately. Vazeel runs on tracks, rolling backwards away from the players. A small copy of the Sonic Wings version of Vazeel attacks just before the new Vazeel appears.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Vazeel in Sonic Wings 3.

Stage: North African Desert (stage 2)

This third form of Vazeel is titled Vazeel 3 in the Sonic Wings 3 strategy guide, where it is described as a "portable fortress." Vazeel is the boss of North African Desert stage, but only when the player encounters it at the game's second stage. (If the stage is encountered late in the game, Daio Ika is the boss.) Vazeel appears at the top of a tower, where it again unfolds to attack. It has several sets of "arms" formed from various types of cannons.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings Special for AndroidEdit


Vazeel in Sonic Wings Special.

Stage: Syrian Desert

The original Vazeel from Sonic Wings reappears in Special. It behaves the same way as it did in the first game.

Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Vazeel in Sonic Wings Limited.

Stage: The Ural Mountains

Vazeel appears quite different than usual in Limited, having an icy color scheme to match the frigid Ural Mountains. Despite this, its attacks are the same as in the first Sonic Wings.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


Vazeel in Sonic Wings Assault.

Stage: desert

"The Bazeel is a desert tank protected by indestructible armor. The camouflaged shell blends in with the color of the desert sands, so use your radar to pick up its tracks. Be aware of its quick turns because it'll bombard you with a ton of ground-to-air missiles."
-Aerofighters Assault English game manual

In Sonic Wings Assault, Vazeel is the boss of a desert area, this time located in the United States. Despite the ominous description of the tank in the manual, it is shockingly easy to defeat; it can be brought down with normal artillery fire before it does any damage to the player's craft.

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