In two of Volk's single player endings in Special and Limited, he interacts with an unseen member of Fata Morgana. Various guidebooks and manuals indicate that Volk is seeking revenge against Fata Morgana for its betrayal of him; the animosity between Volk and this figure hints that this particular enemy may be the one who betrayed him.

The figure is only seen in one ending, when the player uses Volk to defeat Lar (or Do-ni Revision) in single-player mode. After winning the battle, Volk finds another humanoid man in agony amid the wreckage. Volk declares that the man tried to kill him, then cries "Die!" and shoots him. However, when the mysterious man falls, Volk discovers that he is really an android, a clone or substitute for Volk's target. Volk is unconcerned and states that the pleasure of killing his enemy has simply been postponed.

This enemy also likely speaks to Volk after defeating the purple sphere in single-player mode in Special, or Osaru in Limited. Volk infiltrates an ocean base of Fata Morgana. There, a mysterious voice announces that the base will explode in two minutes and that Volk will die along with the enemy's "copy," implying an android substitute as in the previous ending. Volk reminds his enemy that he, Volk, "does not die, no matter what" just before the base explodes. The ending states that Volk's fate is uncertain, although he presumably survives since he appears in Sonic Wings Assault.

From what is shown of the enemy's robot clone, he is a Caucasian human man who wears a suit. He and Volk seem to have known each other well: the enemy indicates that Volk was a talented member of Fata Morgana, yet his sarcastic and condescending attitude show that he is glad to see Volk lose. Volk clearly hates the enemy just as much, as he shoots the man's dying clone on sight. Because the enemy does have android clones, it is possible that he is associated with the Hildroid; however, as the Hildroid are organic, this is unlikely.

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