Captain Waffle is a mysterious character who first appears in the early Video System game Spinal Breakers, where he fights the Hildroid in the Earth's future. Waffle returns in Sonic Wings 3 and Sonic Wings Special, having chased the Hildroid to present day Earth. Throughout the Sonic Wings games, he is seen in silhouette and known only as "The Man" until the very end, where his true identity is revealed. (In 2P mode, "The Man" has a different identity, Gore.) Waffle has a wife, Camille, and a young daughter.

Captain Waffle has sandy blond hair in a short hairstyle; it is slight spiky in Spinal Breakers and slicked back in Sonic Wings. His eyes are brown in Spinal Breakers but blue in Sonic Wings. He is muscular and wears a green shirt with body armor over it. He is also the only Sonic Wings character to be portrayed by a real human, who appeared on an American flyer for Spinal Beakers (see gallery below).

Spinal BreakersEdit


Captain Waffle in Spinal Breakers.

In Spinal Breakers, Captain Waffle's mission is to stop the invasion of future Earth by organic robots known as the Hildroid. Waffle was in artificial frozen hibernation on a space station, from where he traveled to Earth to fight the Hildroid. His wife Camille and their daughter remain behind on the space station, where Camille monitors Waffle's progress.

In two-player mode, the second player appears as a recolored sprite of Waffle. The sprite has dark hair and, oddly enough, blue skin (see gallery below). He is not shown in the cut scenes or endings for two-player mode.

The game has three possible endings, two bad and one good. In one bad ending, Waffle returns to the space station only to find that his Camille and their daughter have been possessed by the Hildroid, and Waffle shoots them both. A third gunshot heard implies that Waffle also commits suicide. In the second bad ending, Camille is safe, but Waffle himself has been possessed. However, in the good ending, the whole family returns to the space station safely, and the Earth is returned to its normal, pre-Hildroid state.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


The Man in Sonic Wings 3.


Captain Waffle in Sonic Wings 3.

Captain Waffle, most often referred to as "The Man," is a secret unlockable character in Sonic Wings 3 in one-player mode only. He has traveled back in time to the present day Earth to stop the Hildroid once more. Waffle gripes a bit about the enemy's attacks on the present Earth and swears that he is fighting for mankind's future. After defeating the final boss, Waffle finally appears in full light along with one of his subordinates. After the subordinate reports that the enemy has been destroyed, Waffle and other fighters in Diabloons take off to conquer the Hildroid's fortress, along with the ominous warning that the enemy will strike again in the future.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


The Man in Sonic Wings Special.


Captain Waffle in Sonic Wings Special.

Captain Waffle reappears in Special as an unlockable character, still in shadow and still piloting the Diabloon. To be able to use him, the player must first play through the game with all of the other characters. He appears in one-player mode only.

One-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora: When Waffle defeats Pandora, his wife Camille appears on a monitor in the Diabloon and informs him that his next mission takes place in ancient Rome. Waffle agrees and flies off towards his new destination.
  • Boss battle with Lar: After defeating Lar, the same penguin from Manbou's special ending appears. The penguin reads a letter from "Taro Kitashirakawa of Kyoto (occupation: king)" asking about The Man's true identity. Instead of answering, the penguin just laughs. A rough translation of this scene is in the gallery below.
  • Boss battle with Balbi: As in his Sonic Wings 3 ending, The Man is revealed to be Captain Waffle, and a subordinate speaks to him. A whole platoon of Diabloons then flies away.

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