Whity is an ever-popular character who is not only a dolphin pilot, but a talking dolphin pilot at that! He appears in every Sonic Wings game after the first. Whity grew up in an aquarium in the Umeda district of Osaka, Japan. Specifically, he is a spinner dolphin. He is named for the Whity Umeda mall in Osaka.[1] In the US versions of the Sonic Wings games, Whity has been renamed Spanky, possibly to avoid the racial implications of his original name.

Whity is almost always cheerful, but he does have a bit of temper, especially when nature and more specifically the ocean are threatened. Whity sees himself as the protector of the seas, and sometimes he takes this task a little too seriously. He is the oldest of three dolphin brothers; the younger two are Acty and Abanty. Whity's back is a deep blue which fades in a gradient to his white belly. He almost always wears a brown aviator's cap with goggles.

Sonic Wings 2Edit


Whity in Sonic Wings 2.

Flying Messenger from the Sea
He calls himself the "Genius Dolphin." Grew up in an aquarium. Few know why he joined the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. He fights for nature.
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

Whity is worried about the safety of his ocean home, and he has a special love for fish. After the final boss battle in single-player mode, Whity declares that he can return to the ocean now that he's saved it. He swims off into the sunset, rejoicing that he was "born a dolphin."

In two-player mode, Whity can be paired with any of the other pilots:

  • Angela: Whity and Angela don't talk to one another very much, other than for each to argue in favor of her or his own brand of power. Whity finds Angela to be stuck-up, although Angela doesn't seem to understand that this is a bad thing. After the final boss battle, Angela tells Whity (for the second time) that he should join a circus, which leads to the dolphin opening fire on the musician and shooting her out of the sky.
  • Arthur: Whity and Arthur get along fairly well, despite Whity's initial shock at Arthur being a baby. They fight well together, and Arthur "loves dolphins." After the final boss battle, Arthur's plane starts to crash into the sea; however, Whity calls upon Great Shin-chan the whale to catch the plane with its spout. As Whity says, "We can always count on whales."
  • Cincia and Ellen: Cincia thinks Whity is cute, but Ellen dismisses him as "just a dolphin." In fact, Ellen is something of a spoil-sport throughout the entire mission, while Cincia and Whity enjoy themselves. Eventually though, both girls appreciate Whity. After defeating the final boss, Cincia invites Whity to her private island, and the three play in the ocean.
  • Hien: Hien is understandably surprised to meet a talking dolphin. Whity isn't serious enough for Hien's tastes, and he finds Hien amusing but too serious. However, Hien is eventually impressed by Whity's bravery. When their planes crash after the final boss battle, Hien rides to shore on Whity's back.
  • Mecha-Keaton: Keaton and Whity get along very well together since both possess a rather wacky sense of humor. After the final boss battle, Keaton decides to go swimming with the dolphin and transforms into "Aqua-Keaton," a finned version of his robot body. The two then enjoy an underwater race.
  • Mao Mao: Mao Mao thinks that a dolphin pilot is "sweet," but she doesn't take Whity very seriously, even when he flirts with her by asking for fish and a fin-massage. She offers him a job after the final boss battle, but Whity regrets taking her up on the offer when he finds out that the job is performing in the "Mao Mao and Dolphin Show."
  • Silver: Silver is amazed at Whity and questions how the dolphin is able to talk. However, Whity is encouraging, and the two get along pretty well. After the final boss battle, Silver and Whity rejoice that they have beaten the enemy-- until the boss crashes into their planes.

Sonic Wings 3Edit


Whity in Sonic Wings 3.

Whity returns in Sonic Wings 3 with his usual cheerful, carefree attitude. ("The Capitol was destroyed, but hey, what can you do?") He's also rather cocky. After the final boss battle (whether it takes place on Mars or in Bermuda), Whity wonders if Martians are like octopi. He discovers that they are, and to avoid being eaten, they offer him some Martian snow eel. Unfortunately, it's disgusting, and Whity blasts the Martians with his plane in retaliation.

In two-player mode, Whity fights with the twins Chaika and Pooshika. The girls admire Whity's flying abilities, and although he gets tired of the twins' bickering, overall the three get along well. After the final boss battle, Chaika and Pooshika spy on Whity, trying to figure out how he can fly a plane. To their amazement, he takes off his head, revealing himself to be Captain Silver and Flint in a dolphin costume! But when the girls ask, "Really?" the game declares, "Well, no, not exactly" along with the images of two Martians. This enigmatic ending is never explained.

Sonic Wings Special/Sonic Wings LimitedEdit


Whity in Sonic Wings Special and Limited.

Whity the dolphin returns, this time fighting for the United Nations' Peace-Keeping Force. Whity is paired with Lord River-n-White in two-player mode.

One-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: As in Whity's ending with Arthur in Sonic Wings 2, Great Shin-chan the whale saves Whity from a plane crash.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: Whity reports to Lord River-n-White, then goes to sleep... in a bed, wearing a nightcap.
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: The player receives a rather creepy ending where Whity, for the first time not wearing his aviator's cap, appears in a manner similar to the penguin. He declares that "From now on, it is the age of the dolphin" and chants "age of the dolphin" several times with an unnerving laugh.

Two-Player Mode Endings:

  • Boss battle with Pandora or Gurabura: As with Angela's ending with Whity in Sonic Wings 3, Lord River-n-White tells Whity he should be in the circus; Whity shoots his plane down in anger.
  • Boss battle with Lar or Do-ni Revision: As with Chaika and Pooshika's ending with Whity in Sonic Wings 3, Lord River-n-White and Pictus spy on the dolphin to see how he is able to fly a plane. This time, Whity turns out to be Keith Bishop in a dolphin costume.
  • Boss battle with Balbi or Osaru: Whity introduces Lord River-n-White to his two siblings, Acty and Abanty. River-n-White assumes that they protect the ocean until Abanty corrects him by pointing out that they control it too! A rough translation of this scene is in the gallery below.

Sonic Wings AssaultEdit


Whity in Sonic Wings Assault.

Whity is an unlockable character in Assault, available after the player completes all bonus stages in the game. Whity is a bit more bubbly and chipper than in previous games, though he retains his care-free attitude, yelling "Yahoooo!" with a dolphin-esque chortle when firing missiles. He is voiced by Hiromi Ishikawa in the Japanese version of the game and Sally Diamond in the English version.

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