Sonic Wings 2Edit


The YF-23 in Sonic Wings 2.

YF 23
"A super tuned fighter. Armed with super strong. [sic]"
-Aerofighters 2 English game manual

The YF-23's Aqua Shot isn't especially powerful, especially at its lower levels. With enough power-ups, it does send out an increasing number of mines which can damage enemy craft upon impact, but the usefulness of this is debatable; the mines do not seek out enemies and so only do damage if they randomly run into one. The Web Beam consists of a laser beam that shoots straight forward, then sweeps outward on both sides.

Sonic Wings SpecialEdit


The YF-23 in Sonic Wings Special.

The YF-23 seems to be more powerful than in Sonic Wings 2, even at its lower levels; on full power, it can be devastating to the enemy. The Float Mine, now used as the YF-23's bomb, again sends out mines which only do damage if they directly hit an enemy.