Rabio LepusEdit

Stage: Stage 12 (Planet) in Rabio Lepus; Stage 6 (Planet) in Rabio Lepus Special

Yohmaoh, the final boss of Rabio Lepus, proves to be behind the kidnapping of Bunnyland's royal family. However, he does so in the guise of the Ghost Golem, who serves as a decoy for the real Yohmaoh. In the manual of Rabio Lepus Special, the Ghost Golem is shown commanding Yohmaoh's army.

In Rabio Lepus, Yohmaoh appears simply as a humanoid skeleton sitting slumped on a throne. However, in Rabio Lepus Special, Yohmaoh's sprite is much more detailed. His body appears to be composed of some flesh and tendons. While his face is still skull-like, Yohmaoh also has pointed ears as does the Ghost Golem, Golem Head, and some other enemies.

Yohmaoh has hidden princess Komomo Kitashirakawa on a planet under his control. In the last stage of Rabio Lepus, the Ghost Golem appears to attack the player; however, the player must move past the Golem and shoot the cracked wall behind him. When the wall falls away, it reveals Yohmaoh, who attacks by shooting fireballs at the player. Once Yohmaoh is defeated, the player can rescue the princess.

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